Science & Astrology

Chapters 9 & 10 of Astrology in the Year Zero present an interview with some of astrology's leading critics. The first paper below is an expanded version of that interview. The other papers offer further perspectives on the issues raised in those chapters, and on the evaluation of astrology in scientific terms generally. 

I argued in Year Zero that Newtonian science is unlikely ever to be an entirely satisfactory container for astrology, and for accounts of alternative views I recommend many of the papers on, including my PhD thesis from 2020, Astrology and Truth.

Full-length interview with Dean, Ertel, Kelly, Mather & Smit 

Includes 64 exchanges not included in the Year Zero version of the interview.

Dialogue between Dennis Elwell and the Researchers 

A long series of exchanges between the late Dennis Elwell and four renowned critics of astrology, instigated by the coverage of astrology's relationship to science contained in chapters 9 & 10 of Year Zero.

Astrology, Scepticism and Knowledge - a dialogue between Dennis Elwell & Garry Phillipson

A discussion between the late Dennis Elwell and me about the pros and cons of the presentation of a sceptical view of astrology in chapters 9 & 10 of Year Zero.

James Brockbank: The Sceptical Attack of Dean et al on Astrology 

A philosophical view of the issues involved in evaluations of astrology.

Mike Harding - Prejudice in Astrological Research  

Considers the philosophical basis for scientific evaluations of astrology

Bob Marks (with comments from Suitbert Ertel and Geoffrey Dean) on the importance of the Gauquelin work: The Problem of Testing Astrology 

What are the implications of the Gauquelin work? How significant is it for astrology? Does it challenge commonly-held views of the universe? Or is its significance somewhere between little and nothing? Two very different perspectives are offered here.

Suitbert Ertel - Hopeful Findings, Unduly Neglected, on Stars and Human Affairs

Prof. Suitbert Ertel evaluates: a study by Müller & Menzer of correlations between infant mortality and Saturn; and Timm & Köberl's study of astrologers, which suggests possible PSI effects. Ertel argues that such emergent phenomena should be taken as a challenge for further research.

Petra Stapp - Police Control Room Staff & their Perceptions of Full Moons

This paper is based on research amongst police staff, into the frequently-encountered idea that full moons are times when there are peaks of anti-social behaviour. As well as the inherent interest of the subject, it sheds a great deal of light on the issues facing a researcher into astrology.

James Randi & Dennis Elwell: On the JREF's $1M Paranormal Challenge 

A discussion between two protagonists with very different views of the Challenge. With further input from astrologer Deborah Houlding, and psychologist/scientist Prof Suitbert Ertel.