The book behind this website explores what astrologers do, and why.  Here are some papers which each shine a light on one aspect or another of astrologers' worlds.

William Blake, Hermeticism and the God of the Left Hemisphere - by Janet Saunders

The life, and horoscope, of Blake illuminate parallels between hermetic thought and the work of contemporary psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist in this insightful paper by Janet Saunders.

Did the division of the year by the Babylonians into twelve months lead to the adoption of an equal twelve-sign zodiac in Hellenistic astrology? - by Chris Mitchell

This fascinating study brings together original, thoughtful enquiry and research into Mesopotamian artefacts. It was Chris's dissertation for the MA programme at the Sophia Centre.

Contested Iconography: Was Newton an astrologer, a rational mechanistic scientist, or neither? - by James Frazier

Did Newton actually say "I, sir, have studied the matter; you have not" when someone criticised astrology? The truth about this popular story, and about broader issues concerning Newton's views about the world, presented by James in this thoroughly-researched and closely-argued paper.

Three Histories of Uranus - by Faye Cossar

An innovative study which applies Sheldrake's concept of morphic fields to the ongoing saga of humanity discovering, and learning to live with, the planet Uranus. This paper formed part of Faye's work on the MA course at Bath Spa University College.

Garry Phillipson suggests a re-evaluation of the relationship between astrology and doubt. Won Skyscript's prestigious 'Best of the Web' award.

Maurice McCann reveals William Lilly's encrypted prophecy

Garry Phillipson gives some insights into what motivated him to write Astrology in the Year Zero

Robin Heath discusses a way in which astrologers can put their skills to the test