Astrology in the Year Zero

This is the website for the book by Garry Phillipson.

This site is a resource for anyone interested in understanding the nature of astrology, pursuing the remit of my book 'Astrology in the Year Zero'. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please let me know via the contact form below.

I also co-curate, with Kirk Little, which hosts many relevant texts. I commend that site to your attention too.

There are so many papers and works by Nick Kollerstrom here that it made sense to collect them all in one place - hence the 'Kollerstrom' page. If you're wondering where to start with Nick's material, allow me suggest 'Planets'. 

If you landed on this page hoping to find out if, and how, my ideas have developed since the book was published, allow me to recommend my PhD thesis, 'Astrology and Truth'.