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Aurora: some planetary and mythological meanings of gold.

Metal-Planet affinities:

Purple gold:

Kolisko, metals & planets  #currently inaccessible#

Chemical Effects of a Mars-Saturn Conjunction (Summer 1977, co-authored with Mike Drummond, in The Astrological Journal)

When Alchemists made gold:



Re-evaluating the Gauquelin Data (2023)

The Days of Creation: origins of the seven days of the week in astrological archetypes

Mystic Moments

How Ertel Rescued the Gauquelin effect 

Jupiter cycles of Lady Di:

The star Algol:

The ‘Club of 27’ (rock stars)

Jimi Hendrix: An Astro-Biography:

Investigating Aspects (originally published 1995)

Sun Sign Synastry in Marriage

The Chemistry of Attraction

The Science of Synastry and the Urge to Merge

Two Egyptian Eureka Moments

Two Astronomers (Johannes Kepler and Bart Bok)

Is Mars Passionate?

The Gauquelin Character Traits - New Studies (2018)

The Gauquelin Mars Effect: Did it Replicate? (2020)

Review of 'Understanding Astrology' by Geoffrey Dean et al (2023)



The Planets - A Detailed Account of each, with discussion of the geometric patterns formed as they move

The Sun, and how it works: The Power of the Sun from the Journal for Star Wisdom

'The Vision of Heavenly Harmony - the Work of John Martineau, 1996 - 2006' from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft

Neptune - how it was named:

Venus, the Heart and the Rose:

'Venus, the Path of Beauty' - a talk:

Pluto demoted

Quasars - The Morphology of Galactic Evolution

The Galactic Alignment of 21st December 2010 #Currently inaccessible#

The Golden Fabric of Time or 'Phi in the Sky'

Mercury in the Schultz Diagram - from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 96, 2012

Position of the Ancient Star Zodiac

Ophiucus - a comment on media mis-perceptions from the Royal Astronomical Society's journal, The Observatory.



Nick talks about the Moon on Youtube:

The Moon and Gardening:

Evidence for Lunar Sidereal Rhythms in Crop Yield (abstract, host site requires payment for full article)

Lunar effects on mare fertility (abstract, host site requires payment for full article)

Another article - less complicated than the above - on mare fertility

Sex difference in response to lunar month

The Silver Axioms: Sidereal & Synodic Lunar-period Waveforms of Agricultural Relvance (notes from a 2012 talk)

Star-Rhythm in Mistletoe Shape - from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 94, 2011

Book review by Nick: The Moon and Madness by Niall McCrae. (Originally published in Correlation 29(1), 2013.


Kepler's Belief in Astrology

Galileo’s Astrology:


Galileo as Believer

Forum discussion:

(also three articles at , scroll down.)


Kepler’s astrology:

Neptune’s discovery,6903,1371938,00.html

How Britain put the spin on Neptune

History of astronomy in academic journals:

Newton, Halley and Uranus

Relativity Dawns on Einstein

The Star Zodiac of Antiquity

Hypatia - a biographical introduction to the Neoplatonist philosopher

Chart of the Resurrection

Mysteries of the Seven Days of the Week



Crop Circle geometries:

Plato's Mistake:


Giza Pyramids:


Geometry of the Great Pyramid:


Ancient units and Earth-Measure: