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Reviews of Astrology in the Year Zero

Part 1: Full-length reviews (click on link to open in new window)

Astrological Journal for Sept-Oct 2000

Réalta (Journal of the Irish Astrological Association) November 2000

The Mountain Astrologer April-May 2001

The Astrological Quarterly Winter 2000/1

Correlation 2001-2

Journal of Scientific Exploration Spring 2004

Aspects (Journal of the Astrological Society of South Africa) November 2007

Part 2:
Shorter Reviews

"Astrology in the Year Zero is a fascinating and long overdue book. By allowing students and practitioners of astrology to speak for themselves he (Phillipson) has revealed the diversity of thought and opinions within the discipline. The conclusion? There is no such thing as astrology. But there are many astrologies."

Nick Campion, past President of the Astrological Association


"For anyone interested in the way of astrology for the next 50 years or so this is the book. It draws on interviews with a wide range of astrologers from 'scientific' ones to those who see it as linked to magic. It discusses the varieties of astrological experience including business astrology, astrology and therapy, astrology and health. It brings out the variety of views on these matters. It is never dogmatic. I recommend it.

John Heaton, Psychotherapist and author of 'Wittgenstein & Psychoanalysis', 'Introducing Wittgenstein'


I just finished reading your 'Astrology in the Year Zero' and would like to congratulate you on a really excellent and helpful book!

Patrick Curry, author of 'Prophecy & Power', 'A Confusion of Prophets' 


I think the book is very important. I spend a great deal of time reading translations of astrology texts from different periods of astrological thought, and one of the issues is always to try and understand what the astrological mind set was in that particular period. Therefore, for me 'Year Zero' does this for our time, our mind set. It shows us what pattern we are currently weaving in the great carpet of astrology and says this is who we are now, in this time.

Bernadette Brady, co-principal of Astro Logos and author of 'Predictive Astrology (the Eagle & the Lark)', 'Brady's Book of Stars' and the 'Jigsaw' astrological program.


"A very fascinating book... offers a wealth of information that is not usually accessible, unless one is in the position of being able to talk to these experts [who are interviewed in the book] on a personal basis.  A really excellent and significant contribution."

Horoscope Magazine, March 2001

"Your book arrived today!  It is beautiful to look at and intriguing to read!  What a marvelous, inspired formatting idea! You deserve a medal not only for concept and execution, but also for patience and stamina!  You really stuck to it and now have made a major contribution to the history of our field.  Imagine how this will read a hundred years from now; what an important read it will be then as well!!"

Noel Tyl, Astrologer

"As far as I know, there is no other astrology book quite like this one.  It interview astrologers and also explores the results of scientific research.  It includes most of the skeptical works in its bibliography. Nowhere else will you find both sides of the story so conveniently in one place.  It is a major contribution to the field.  Everyone interested in astrology, whether for or against, should have a copy."

Geoffrey Dean, joint compiler of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology, etc.


"Phillipson’s book draws skilfully on interviews with a range of leading specialist astrologers to create a snapshot of astrological practice at the dawning of a new millennium. Unlike many books on the subject it sets out to reveal what astrologers actually do rather than confine itself to generality. Written in accessible style and even-handed in its treatment of diverse opinion, this is an important and commendable contribution to the field."

Dr. Peter Case, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University


"Phillipson's innovative technique of interviewing professional astrologers reveals the infinitely rich interconnections between astrology and other fields of inquiry as diverse as medicine, music, law, politics, mythology, literature, design. It is an essential source book for a new approach to the tradition of astrology."

Dr Morine Krissdóttir, Psychologist and literary biographer. Books include: Shielding: Man and Shelter; John Cowper Powys and the Magical Quest; The Dorset Year.

"A collective interview of scientific researchers which occupies Chapters 9 and 10 ... [and] the other chapters (interviews with leading astrologers and a bibliography including most skeptical works) make this book an unusually well-balanced introduction to astrology."

Geoffrey Dean and Ivan W Kelly, Does Astrology Work? Astrology and Skepticism 1975-2000. In Paul Kurtz (ed), Skeptical Odysseys, Prometheus Books, Amherst NY 2001, pages 191-206.  (quote is from page 206).

"Insights into the world of astrology for everyone. In interviews, professional astrologers reveal why they do it, how they began, why they think it works. All balanced by researchers, who explain their methods and detail their doubts.  I loved it and couldn't put it down"

Shelley von Strunckel (The Sunday Times' Astrologer)