Review from Aspects - Journal of the Astrological Society of South Africa, Scorpio/Sagittarius 2007

Reviewed by Isabella Bayer

Reprinted by kind permission of The Astrological Society of South Africa

Ever doubted Astrology? Or are you almost fanatically defensive of our art/science, claiming that Astrology is the Alpha and Omega of life? Garry Phillipson takes a look at both sides of the coin and presents the reader with the third forgotten side.

By stating the case of both astrologers and scientists, he encourages your mind to look at logic, reason, magick and psychology, and draw your own conclusion. Bernadette Brady, Robert Hand, Robert Zoller, Maggie Hyde, Jeffrey Cornelius, Lee Lehman, Dennis Elwell, John Frawley, to name but a few, answer the questions both laymen and astrologers always wanted answered. Once their views are clearly stated the astrological argument is handed to “the Dark Side” and scientifically investigated.

My intuition and logical brain was stimulated and excited through all 272 pages (and yes, I even read the index! Truth
be told, this book is one of the top three Astrology books I’ve ever read.

BUT and it’s a big but…be warned it is not recommended for the fainthearted astrologer that blindly refuses to look at facts, and, I wouldn’t encourage fledglings to read it until they’ve had a thorough introduction to all the basic astrological practices…Simply put it turns your head in all directions, poses new questions on old ones and allows you to ask more questions of the answers.

As an appetizer, here are some of the questions:
Is the astrologer a magician?
What do you think astrologers could learn from the disciplines of the researcher?
Are you saying that ESP could never be involved in a chart reading?
Do you really believe that astrology will experience a significant change of status in the next hundred years or so?
What is your [prediction] record like in terms of percentages?
Are there any things that you might see in a Horary that you wouldn’t tell the person?

Brilliant. Well-Researched. Insightful. Delightful.

Those are the final words.


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