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What is Astrology in the Year Zero about?
It's a record of the thoughts and experiences of some people who have seriously studied astrology - including both practising astrologers and skeptics. It is based largely on interviews - for a full list of interviewees click here - which were recorded between 1996 - 2000.
What is the book like?
Astrology in the Year Zero is a 272pp paperback, RRP is £15.99, ISBN 0-9530261-9-1. It is available from Amazon and good book shops everywhere. View the first two pages of the book.
Reviews of Astrology in the Year Zero
In the links below you will find full texts of reviews from various sources, including Mountain Astrologer, Journal of Scientific Exploration and The Astrological Journal. Also various shorter comments. Everything that has been written about the book is here, so far as I know - I haven't just cherry-picked good reviews, though they've all been pretty good so far.
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Journal of Scientific Exploration
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