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Nick Kollerstrom's Work on the Web: an Index



Aurora (about gold):

(You will find the article as a pdf at the above link; an earlier version can be found as a webpage here:  )

Metal-Planet affinities:

Also at:

Purple gold:

Kolisko, metals & planets 

Chemical Effects of a Mars-Saturn Conjunction (Summer 1977, co-authored with Mike Drummond, in The Astrological Journal)

When Alchemists made gold:



The Days of Creation: ../articles/Nick_Kollerstrom_The_Days_of_Creation.pdf

Mystic Moments:

The Gauquelin effect: 

Jupiter cycles of Lady Di:

The star Algol:

The ‘Club of 27’ (rock stars)

Jimi Hendrix: An Astro-Biography:

Investigating Aspects (originally published 1995): Investigating Aspects

Sun Sign Synastry in Marriage: Sun Sign Synastry

The Chemistry of Attraction: Chemistry of Attraction

Gauquelin Research

Two Astronomers (Johannes Kepler and Bart Bok)

Is Mars Passionate?

The Gauquelin Character Traits - New Studies (2018)

The Gauquelin Mars Effect: Did it Replicate? (2020)



The Sun, and how it works: The Power of the Sun from the Journal for Star Wisdom

'The Vision of Heavenly Harmony - the Work of John Martineau, 1996 - 2006' from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft

Neptune - how it was named:

Venus, the Heart and the Rose:

'Venus, the Path of Beauty' - a talk:

The Planets:

Pluto demoted:

Quasars - The Morphology of Galactic Evolution

The Galactic Alignment of 21st December 2010:

The Golden Fabric of Time or 'Phi in the Sky'

Mercury in the Schultz Diagram - from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 96, 2012

The Planets, and Solary System Geometry

Position of the Ancient Star Zodiac


The Moon

Nick talks about the Moon on Youtube:

The Moon and Gardening:


And horse breeding:

Another article - less complicated than the above - on mare fertility:

Sex difference in response to lunar month

The Silver Axioms: Sidereal & Synodic Lunar-period Waveforms of Agricultural Relvance (notes from a 2012 talk)

Star-Rhythm in Mistletoe Shape - from Elemente der Naturwissenschaft 94, 2011

Book review by Nick: The Moon and Madness by Niall McCrae. (Originally published in Correlation 29(1), 2013.


Galileo’s Astrology:


Galileo as Believer

Forum discussion:

(also three articles at , scroll down.)


Kepler’s astrology:

Neptune’s discovery,6903,1371938,00.html chanID=sa006&colID=1&articleID=000CA850-8EA4-119B-8EA483414B7FFE9F

History of astronomy in academic journals:

Newton, Halley and Uranus

Relativity Dawns on Einstein

The Star Zodiac of Antiquity

Hypatia - a biographical introduction to the Neoplatonist philosopher

Chart of the Resurrection



Crop Circle geometries:

Plato's Mistake:


Giza Pyramids:


Geometry of the Great Pyramid:


Ancient units and Earth-Measure: