Suitbert Ertel Responds to Bob Marks

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Bob Mark's point is crucial and it deserves repetition: "The existence of one white crow is conclusive proof that all crows are not black. The skeptics have found that white crow, but they don't want to count it because it is too small and can't fly. But it is still a white crow, and that cannot be denied".

However, Geoffrey Dean, the most engaged among astro-critical skeptics, did not deny the existence of Gauquelin's white crows (a flock of them exists), and Dean's reiterating "effect size is tiny" contrasts neatly with his eight years lasting endeavour at attempting to find an explanation. He claimed that the Gauquelin crows had been coloured with white by cheating parents. After scrutinizing his claim through five independent statistical studies I conclude: "Dean's claim lacks any empirical evidence, it is based on arbitrary and tricky speculation.

See my report: Gauquelin planetary effects brought down to earth? On Geoffrey Dean's outmanoevering stubborn facts (Note: this article appeared in Correlation 23(1) 2005, pp. 7 - 33 and is not currently available online.)


Note from Garry:

Another item on Prof. Ertel's site of particular interest, and relevance to his comments above, is a downloadable version of his paper Hopeful Findings, Unduly Neglected, on Stars and Human Affairs. This was originally presented at the Astrological Association's Research Conference in London, 23rd November 2002. For this paper (in pdf format), go to this link: