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Here is a collection of papers which discuss scientific analysis of (and occasionally evidence for) correlations of planetary movements with life on earth. 

Suitbert Ertel - Hopeful Findings, Unduly Neglected, on Stars and Human Affairs
Prof. Suitbert Ertel evaluates: a study by Müller & Menzer of correlations between infant mortality and Saturn; and Timm & Köberl's study of astrologers, which suggests possible PSI effects. Ertel argues that such emergent phenomena should be taken as a challenge for further research.
Petra Stapp - Police Control Room Staff & their Perceptions of Full Moons
This paper is based on research amongst police staff, into the frequently-encountered idea that full moons are times when there are peaks of anti-social behaviour. As well as the inherent interest of the subject, it sheds a great deal of light on the issues facing a researcher into astrology.
Astrology, Scepticism and Knowledge - a dialogue between Dennis Elwell & Garry Phillipson
The author of Cosmic Loom discusses his reservations about the presentation of the sceptical viewpoint in chapters 9 & 10 of Year Zero
Nick Kollerstrom: How Ertel Rescued the Gauquelin Effect
A concise analysis of the recent history of the Gauquelin work.
An Index to Nick Kollerstom on the Web
Where to find all his articles - worth serious attention.
Full-length interview with Dean, Ertel, Kelly, Mather & Smit 
Includes 64 exchanges not included in the Year Zero version of the interview
Mike Harding - Prejudice in Astrological Research  
Mike takes a look at the philosophical basis for scientific evaluations of astrology
Dialogue between Dennis Elwell and the Researchers 
A long series of exchanges between a renowned astrologer and four renowned critics of astrology. This link takes you to a page which gives more detail on the 10 articles which make up this body of work
Bob Marks v Geoffrey Dean: The Importance of the Gauquelin work 
What are the implications of the Gauquelin work? How significant is it for astrology? Does it challenge commonly-held views of the universe? Or is its significance somewhere between little and nothing? Two very different perspectives are offered here.
Suitbert Ertel: Comments on Marks, Gauquelin and Dean
Prof. Ertel supports Bob Marks's argument that the Gauquelin work is still a force to be reckoned with; with links to two very substantial papers for those who want more detailed analysis.
James Brockbank: The Sceptical Attack of Dean et al on Astrology (with Critique by Dean, Mather & Kelly) 
A philosophical view of the issues involved in evaluations of astrology, which can be downloaded as a pdf file. Also available here: two critical commentaries on Brockbank's article by Geoffrey Dean & Arthur Mather; and a brief response from Brockbank.
James Randi & Dennis Elwell: On the JREF's $1M Paranormal Challenge 
A discussion between two protagonists with very different views of the Challenge. With further input from astrologer Deborah Houlding, and psychologist/scientist Prof Suitbert Ertel.