7½ Planets, a star and a satellite:

The Sun


The Earth

The Moon








And a Disquisition on Geometric Patterns Formed by the Bodies in the Solar System

reproduced with kind permission of John Martineau

The geometric patterns traced out in the heavens by the planets of our beloved solar system are truly awe-inspiring. These mathematical shapes, and the relationships between the relative orbits and sizes of cosmic bodies, can be measured with astonishing accuracy. For those of you who are familiar with the work of John Martineau, renowned geometer and publisher of Wooden Books, this will be a welcome and refreshing extension to his highly acclaimed book 'A little Book of Coincidence' as some of these diagrams are taken from his limited edition masterpiece 'The Book of Coincidence' (1995). For those of you who will be looking at this work for the first time, brace yourselves as you step in to the world of cosmic geometry and marvel at the coincidences laid out so simply and magically for your wonderment. I must at this stage thank John, firstly for piecing this amazing work of cosmic science together, and secondly for giving his kind permission to reproduce his diagrams and text here on celestial-sphere. To quote from 'A Little Book of Coincidence' - "Is it all just a coincidence, or do the patterns perhaps explain the scientists?".

Another Point of View

Earth and her Moon

Earth and Mercury

Earth and Saturn

Earth and Venus #1 ('The Kiss of Venus')

Earth and Venus #2 ('Love on Earth')

Earth and Venus #3 ('Marital Bliss')

Mercury's Three Halos

Venus's Eight Halos

Mars's Iron Grip

Mars-Chiron-Jupiter ('The Crusade')

Jupiter-Ceres ('Beltane')

Jupiter-Saturn ('Dualism')

Accuracy: a note from Nick Kollerstom