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William Blake, Hermeticism and the God of the Left Hemisphere - by Janet Saunders
The life, and horoscope, of Blake illuminate parallels between hermetic thought and the work of contemporary psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist in this insightful paper by Janet Saunders.
Meaning of Humanistic Astrology - by Alexander Ruperti
Posting of a classic text that had become unavailable.
Quintiles, Septiles, and Moments of Mystical Illumination - by Nick Kollerstrom
In which Nick pursues an idea put forward in The Eureka Effect concerning the frequency of quintiles and septiles at moments of inspiration, and applies it to a collection of seventeen timed mystical experiences. Reproduced here, with permission and thanks, from the ISAR Journal.
Did the division of the year by the Babylonians into twelve months lead to the adoption of an equal twelve-sign zodiac in Hellenistic astrology? - by Chris Mitchell
This fascinating study brings together original, thoughtful enquiry and research into Mesopotamian artefacts. It was Chris's dissertation for the MA programme at the Sophia Centre.
Dr Alie Bird's Thesis - 'Astrology in Education: an Ethnography'
Alie's PhD thesis in its entirety: this thought-provoking work looks at astrology's return to academia and provides an intellectual framework which facilitates discussion of the issues arising from that relationship. Essential reading for anyone with an interest in astrology's place in the Western world.
Modern Science and Astrology - by Garry Phillipson
Recent developments in science – particularly quantum theory – have been taken by some astrologers to herald a paradigm shift which would make it possible to validate and explain astrology as a science. The suggestion is made that this case is currently unconvincing. Instead, it is argued, modern science's contribution to the understanding of astrology is more relevant to astrology as a divinatory art than as a hard science.
Pluto RIP, 1930 - 2006? - by Nick Kollerstrom

What are the facts behind the International Astronomers Union's demotion of Pluto to the status of a dwarf planet, and what should astrologers make of the furore surrounding the decision? Nick presents a punchy overview of the episode, allowing space to astronomical and astrological perspectives.

Celestial Correspondence: Modern Invention or Egyptian Epiphany? - by Judy Hall

In tracing the history of the famous Hermetic phrase 'as above, so below', Judy explores our understanding of Egyptian culture and (in the process) sheds light on contemporary ways of relating to the universe.

Contested Iconography: Was Newton an astrologer, a rational mechanistic scientist, or neither? - by James Frazier

Did Newton actually say "I, sir, have studied the matter; you have not" when someone criticised astrology? The truth about this popular story, and about broader issues concerning Newton's views about the world, presented by James in this thoroughly-researched and closely-argued paper.

Three Histories of Uranus - by Faye Cossar
An innovative study which applies Sheldrake's concept of morphic fields to the ongoing saga of humanity discovering, and learning to live with, the planet Uranus. This paper formed part of Faye's work on the MA course at Bath Spa University College.
Defining the Moment - by Kirk Little
A detailed account of the divinatory perspective in astrology, with particular focus on the work of Geoffrey Cornelius.
Astrology and the Anatomy of Doubt  
Garry Phillipson suggests a re-evaluation of the relationship between astrology and doubt. Won Skyscript's prestigious 'Best of the Web' award.
The Secret of William Lilly's Prediction of the Fire of London 
Maurice McCann reveals William Lilly's encrypted prophecy
Tales from Babel  
Garry Phillipson gives some insights into what motivated him to write Astrology in the Year Zero
Time Slice: Testing Elwell's Multicongruence
Robin Heath discusses a way in which astrologers can put their skills to the test


Geoffrey Cornelius
Originally recorded in 1998, with minor updates and clarifications added by Geoffrey in October 2011.
Dennis Elwell
Originally recorded for, and featured in, Year Zero; now available in its complete form for the first time, on the Skyscript site.
Bernard Eccles
One of Garry's more recent interviews - including reflection on speculative astronomical bodies and the relationship of religion to astrology - is now available on Skyscript.
Garry Phillipson
Darrelyn Gunzburg's interview with the author of Astrology in the Year Zero, first published in the Mountain Astrologer, is now available on Deborah Houlding's Skyscript website
Darby Costello 
Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer, now on Darby's site
Mike Harding
Recorded for Year Zero and recently updated by Mike for its first full publication, on Skyscript
Darrelyn Gunzburg 
Co-principal of Astro-logos and author of Life After Grief talks about both those, and much more
Komilla Sutton 
Fascinating insights into Vedic astrology, hosted on Skyscript
Boris Izraitel 
One of Russia's top astrologers looks back to life in the USSR, and forward to the future of Russian astrology
Warren Kenton 
Warren has more than 40 years' experience of working with astrology and the kabbalah
David Bolton & Juan Manuel Puertas 
The creators of the Omnicycles program talk about the philosophy behind their creation
Robert Hand
Astrology and magic, the relevance of medieval texts, and a whole lot more
Graeme Tobyn 
Garry's interview with this top medical astrologer on the Skyscript site
Shelley von Strunckel 
How the Sunday Times's astrologer got where she is today - hosted on
Nick Campion 
This has proved to be one of my most popular interviews; it is on the Astrological Association's website
Adrian Duncan 
The man behind the World of Wisdom website interviewed on - you guessed - the World of Wisdom website
Christeen Skinner 
With a particular focus on business astrology. Another interview on the Skyscript site.